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About ME

“Go outside.... amidst the simple Beauty of nature... and know that as long as places like this exist, there will be comfort for every sorrow, whatever the circumstances may be.” Anne Frank

A deep connection to nature guides all aspects of Patricio Rivera’s life. Growing up in the lush, fertile surroundings of Honduras, Rivera spent his time outdoors engulfed in nature and by the ocean. Nature was his playground and it’s beauty and power has since influenced Rivera’s life in various and meaningful ways.

As a teenager, Rivera moved to California where he studied fashion. Not wanting to pursue a career in the industry, but still drawn to design and aesthetics, Rivera moved into the restaurant industry. After various managerial positions, Rivera began working for Lisa Garza Selcer at her restaurant Sissy’s Southern Kitchen as a busser. Gaza quickly noticed Rivera’s work ethic, drive, humility, and eye for design and promoted him to Visual Director. In this role, Rivera guided the restaurant’s brand image and helped manage day to day operations while developing strong relationships with customers. He was an integral part of the restaurant’s success. 

With his new endeavor, Twelve Thirty Four, Rivera expands on this knowledge and brings his love for floral design, fashion, food and family together.  The concept for Twelve Thirty Four comes from Rivera’s interest in the connection between human and plant life; the progression of birth, growth, reproduction, and death. 

With Twelve Thirty Four, Rivera brings the beautiful, mysterious, and calming elements of nature to his clients. Whether it’s weddings, collaborations with fellow artists, or creating visuals and styling for fashion accounts such as Burberry, Versace or Louis Vuitton, Rivera’s goal is to bring each clients personal vision to life while keeping the process as organic and fun as possible. 

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